We manufacture different types of FRP products that are used for insulation purpose and other specific application in Railway equipment manufacturing Industries.


Products we manufacture come with below advantages such as:

  • Good Fire, Smoke and Toxicity (FST) performance as per UL94; ASTM D635-14 grades
  • Excellent aesthetics with a resin rich layer for additional chemical barrier
  • Multiple grades in Epoxies & Polyesters such as EP3, G10, G11, FR4, GPO3 and many more
  • Appropriate profiles designed for your application to avoid multiple parts
  • Usage of the right resin systems such as Epoxy, vinyl ester, Isophthalic or other polyesters suited for the application
  • UV-Stability
  • Fire retardant
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Good load bearing strength with high strength to weight ratio

List of standard FRP and Epoxy products we manufacture in the Railways are listed below:

  • FRP Cross Arm Supports
  • FRP Locomotive Insulation Parts
  • FRP Cable Routing Supports
  • FRP Terminal Boards
  • FRP Sheets
  • FRP Support Blocks
  • FRP Ceiling Angles
  • FRP Phase Barriers
  • FRP Locomotive Enclosures
  • FRP Core Rod for Silicone Insulators
  • FRP Walls and Partitions
  • Epoxy Terminal Block for Locomotive Junction Boxes