We manufacture different types of FRP products that are used in different transportation industries manufacturing specific locomotive equipments.


Products we manufacture come with below advantages such as:

  • Products Conform to various classes such as Class F, Class H, UL-V0.
  • Multiple grades in Epoxies & Polyesters such as EP3, G10, G11, FR4, GPO3 and many more.
  • Engineered & Process Oriented manufacturing ensuring best quality
  • Custom precision Machining as per engineered drawings.
  • Excellent aesthetics.

List of standard FRP and Epoxy products we manufacture in transportation are listed below:

  • FRP Sheets
  • FRP Pultruded Bumpers
  • FRP Locomotive Enclosures
  • FRP Panels
  • FRP stiffners for structural parts for Electric Vehicles
  • FRP parts for EV’s
  • FRP Support Structures
  • FRP strengthening members in FRP / non metal body panels

And many more custom FRP products can be manufactured as per the customer requirement.