FRP Fume Hood Accessories

We design and manufacture several parts for the fume hoods that are used in te labs such as FRP angles, Rods, FRP bushes, FRP rods that are chemical resistant at even high temperatures.

FRP Lattice Rod Structure for Chemical Labs

The FRP lattice structure made from smaller FRP rods (12 dia) inserted into large FRP bushes form a lattice structure that is more cost effective than steel and chemical resistance compared to steel.

FRP Table Tops for Labs

Fine finish FRP table tops are a highly suitable non-corrosive chemical resistance surface for all the lab related work.

FRP Railings

FRP railing are used in pharma, chemical and other allied industries that have a need for corrosion and chemical resistant structure. The FRP railing offer significant advantage over the conventional metals reducing the total cost of ownership by reducing the maintenance and replacements costs.

FRP Gratings

FRP gratings are the best solution for demanding environments that have chemicals, water or other pollutants that easily corrode and destroy the metallic gratings besides saving significant installation and maintenance costs.