Weather Durability

Compared to Other materials such as wood or metal we manufacture FRP products that are reliable and durable to any type of weather environment and are reliable close to 10+ years.

The FRP products that we manufacture offer complete resistance to various weather conditions and are UV-Stabilized , marine resistance, chemical resistance also any specific functional parameter can be met.

High Tensile Strength

We manufacture FRP products that offer high tensile strength and other mechanical properties the products are engineered to meet the required properties.

Solutions are offered for replacing metal structures where at the same time high mechanical properties are also required in such cases the FRP profile/designs are engineered meeting the requirements.

Corrosion Resistance

Resistance to corrosive environment being one of the key requirements of FRP product that are used in marine or chemical working conditions we offer FRP Sections that can replace metal sections engineered to offer high resistance to corrosion at the same time offer better mechanical properties.

Light Weight

FRP comes with light weight when compared to metal and is one of the reasons FRP is more preferred than metal. We manufacture FRP sections that are engineered to take up loads and at the same time offer light weight.

Acid/Alkali Fumes Resistant

We manufacture FRP products such as FRP sheets, FRP rods, and other FRP products that are acid/alkali fume resistant and are mainly used in chemical working conditions such as chemical lab equipments, and hood assemblies.

Excellent Finish

Finish being one of the main requirement for aesthetics of the FRP product we offer different types of finishes such as glossy , Matt , painted , gel-coated and many more textured finishes as per customer requirement.

Fire Retardant

We manufacture FRP components that are used in railway equipments, transformers, and other electrical equipments which require fire retardance properties. The parts conform to Ul-V0.

Rust Proof

We manufacture FRP products that are rust proof and are used to replace metal sections which tend to rust over a period of time when subjected to chemical & marine conditions.